Storm destroys barn in Oak Ridge

OAK RIDGE, MO (KFVS) - Tuesday night's storm caused destruction all over the Heartland.

It ripped roofs off buildings, covered roads with branches and entire trees, and scattered belongs through fields.

Mary Aldredge is experiencing the damage first had, but she says she's still keeping a positive outlook.

"A new era I guess," said Aldredge.

Luckily, she has a good attitude about a bad outcome from Tuesday night's storm.

"When I got home about 11 o'clock, the barn was collapsed, leveled to the ground," said Aldredge.

The storm destroyed her barn. Tearing the roof off, and ripping a part the sides. She says it was a two-story barn built in the 1930s.

"We had just some work done on it," said Aldredge.

She says they added tin to the roof, and enforced the structure to "salvage the barn, and make it last for a long time."

However, that time, was actually very short.

"I'm ok with it. I am," said Aldredge. "I feel really blessed because it could have been a lot worse. All of our animals are ok, the house is in good shape. And I think it will all be fine."

But the barn wasn't the only thing to go down. The storm uprooted a tree, causing it to fall just inches from Aldredge's house.

It knocked down power lines, causing them to lay all over Aldredge's property, and leaving Aldredge without power.

She says her friends are coming to her aid, and helping to clean the mess up.

"We had a lot of friends here, and we picked up a lot of tin and a lot of nails and debris," said Aldredge. "I'd like to get it cleaned up pretty quick because it is kind of sad to look at."

A sad sight now, but Aldredge says she wants that "new era" to start soon.

"We're hoping to salvage some of the wood from it, and the tin, and see what we have left and maybe build a smaller version with what's left," said Aldredge.

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