The Heartland prepares for severe weather

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

The severe weather bulls eye is sitting right over the top of the Heartland.  Strong storms are expected Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning.

Emergency managers along with law enforcement are getting prepared before the storms strike.

"The National Weather Service just advised us that we're going to have a system come through that might produce damaging winds, hail and possibly tornadoes," said Ryan Buckingham Director of Emergency Management in Franklin County, Illinois.

"We'll begin monitoring the system as it gets closer to the area. And we'll judge our response accordingly."

Severe weather affects everyone and even law enforcement agencies must be ready.

"We have to worry about any type of situation that may require law enforcement intervention," said Franklin County Sheriff Don Jones,.

"Whether it's weather related roads being blocked with lots of flooding, or power outages, we have to go in and check on the welfare of the elderly."

Being prepared also means gearing up storm spotters for a firsthand look at where the storm's going.

"The radar cannot see exactly what that system is doing, it can give them a good idea," said Gary Little Deputy Director of Emergency Management in Franklin County.

"But the spotters are really the key aspect of knowing exactly what the storm is doing, where it's at and what's going on under the cloud bank. The more eyes on the storm the better."

And that's the goal when it comes to preparing for severe weather to keep everyone as safe as possible.

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