'Coupon Queen' shares her secrets

Woodall uses a binder to organize her coupons.
Woodall uses a binder to organize her coupons.
Woodall recommends knowing the store's coupon policy to get the best deals.
Woodall recommends knowing the store's coupon policy to get the best deals.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - You may clip coupons, but a Whitewater, Mo. woman has taken it to the extreme.

Amy Woodall can do some amazing things with coupons.

On a shopping trip to Schnucks with Heartland News, Woodall took a $88.25 bill and turned it into $8.55! That's 90 percent savings thanks to coupons!

So how does she do it?

Woodall says it all started in 2008 with a prayer. Her husband was sick and out of work and she was worried how the family would feed their four children.

"I prayed over my cabinets saying never again will my cabinets be empty and asked God to give me the wisdom on how to do that," Woodall said.

That's when she saw someone on TV who clipped coupons. By 2009, she was on the path to doing something with those little pieces of paper that could earn her the title "Coupon Queen."

Today her cupboards are overflowing! In fact she had to add extra shelves in the basement to accommodate her stock.

This doesn't happen overnight though.

"The more you coupon the more you are going to start seeing those savings as it multiplies each week," Woodall said.

So armed with her binder filled with coupons that she always takes to the store and a cart, she took us on a shopping trip to share her secrets with you!

Woodall says you need to first start gathering those coupons.

"Buying the paper every Sunday, going on the Internet and emailing companies," Woodall suggests.

She says get creative as to where to find them.

"If I see something that's in the sale bill that's going to be $1 this week and it's an item I think there might be a 50 cent coupon out there," she explained. "I'll Google it and see if I can find a coupon for it and maybe I'll be able to match it and get something free."

She shared how she did this to purchase "Bar S" hot dogs.

"I actually emailed the company," Woodall said. "They sent me a $5 off voucher, so I'm going to get five free hotdog's today by using the voucher."

Next Woodall says get organized.

"If you're not organized, you're not going to start couponing," Woodall said.

She uses her binder for her key to organization. You can use a coupon accordion, or any other means of order.

It takes a little planning ahead.

"I look at my coupons, look at the sale bill and get my shopping list ready," Woodall explains, "I might spend 2-3 hours a week."

"Couponing does take a little bit of time but it's not going to take a lot of time compared to the savings," she added.

You should also know your store policies to get the best deals.

"Every store has a different policy so you need to find out does your store double, does your store stack coupons," Woodall said.

For instance, Schnucks doubles all coupons up to 50 cents.

Woodall showed us how that works.

"I have a 50 cent coupon, it's going to double and I'm going to get these free," she said as she purchased spices.

And finally, Woodall recommends you use coupon etiquette.

"I don't want to clear the shelf, somebody might come by who has the coupon and really needs to get this toothpaste so I'm only going to take three and make sure there's plenty left for everybody else," Woodall said.

She does stock up though when the price is right and there's plenty to go around.

On our trip, she found a sale on ACT popcorn and purchased 20 boxes.

"For us this is the stock up price so I buy in bulk when the price is right," Woodall said.

It all adds up to some big savings!

In case you're wondering, Woodall says it took her about four months to get a stockpile and really start seeing the savings.

Now she doesn't shop every day or every week for that matter.

And her skills are getting national attention!

She'll be featured on a new show called "Extreme Couponing" on April 20 on TLC.

You can tune in to see her at 8:30 p.m.

Click here to see a preview and get couponing tips from TLC's "Extreme Couponing."

You can also get tips straight from our Heartland "Coupon Queen," Amy Woodall on her blog.

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