Cat survives being shot by bow and arrow, authorities search for culprit

Animal control officers see more evidence of animal cruelty in Franklin County when a cat shot with a bow and arrow.

A few weeks ago, someone shot a small puppy in Benton with what police believe to be a pellet gun.

Both animals survived seemingly random attacks. "Bullet" the puppy has recovered from his gunshot wound and has a new home.

Now authorities search for the person responsible for using "Boxer" the cat for target practice.

Friday Boxer was prepped for surgery. Veterinarians with the Franklin County Animal Hospital repaired its tiny leg, broken Wednesday when someone shot an arrow right through his body.

Now Animal Control Officer Jarrett Broy is on the case.

"There's been a rash of it here lately of people doing things like this," said Broy.

It's not bow-hunting season, which leads Broy to believe whoever shot the arrow meant to hit Boxer.

The law relating to cases like this does have some teeth. Broy says if caught, the person who shot either Boxer - or Bullet the puppy - could face felony charges.

"They're both good, fine animals, and why somebody would do that, I just don't know," Broy said.

Veterinarians expect Boxer to recover. When he does, the cat will be put up for adoption to go to a good home.

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