Distillery hopes Missouri Moonshine is a hit

A man in Walnut Shade, Missouri is making old fashioned moonshine. The only difference between his brew and the white lightning of old is his still is legal.

For hundreds of years,  Americans have enjoyed the good old 'shine.

"We're really focusing on making the traditional style of corn whiskey, here in the Ozarks," says Jim Blansit, owner of Copper Run. "The way it was made a long time ago."

Corn whiskey, better known as moonshine, is the same 'white lightening' that bootleggers smuggled through the Appalachians and the Ozarks, just with a legal twist. Blansit pays taxes!

After working in breweries and vineyards all his life, Blansit opened his distillery on what was once his grandparents land half a century ago.

Halfway between Branson and Springfield Jim found the perfect spot to work.

"We are one of those rare distilleries with the water, the grain, the barrels, the local help, the local support. So it's really coming together for us."

Jim jokes that the furthest thing imported comes all the way from St. Louis.

Everything else is made in southwest Missouri.

In an industry that places great value on age, Jim believes his hooch is definitely worth a shot.

"I absolutely love what we are doing here," says Jim. "Our products are fantastic. They are young. I'm confident that once our products have the age that our competition has, we will blow them out of the water."

In addition to moonshine, Copper Run offers whiskey rum and vodka.

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