Principal arrested on domestic assault charges

Hershel Beckwith (Source: Camden County Sheriff's Office)
Hershel Beckwith (Source: Camden County Sheriff's Office)

MARBLE HILL, MO (KFVS) - A Heartland teacher finds himself in legal hot water after police say he got into a fight with his girlfriend.

According to police, Hershel Beckwith, the Principal At Woodland School in Marble Hill was arrested March 27th on Domestic Assault charges.

Police say Beckwith was staying at a hotel in Camden County, Missouri when the alleged assault took place.

Officers say when they arrived at the hotel they found Beckwith's girlfriend in the lobby. Police say she told them that Beckwith got angry, grabbed her by the neck and threw her on the bed. The woman says she attempted to leave the room and Beckwith grabbed her by the hair and tried to drag her back into the room.

Officers say the woman ran and went to another room for help.

Police say when they arrived. The woman did not want to press charges.

Officers say they told Beckwith not to have contact with his girlfriend for 12 hours.

They say while they were talking with the woman, Beckwith called her.

The officer says he answered the phone and told Beckwith not to call her again but the officer says Beckwith pleaded with him to speak with her.

At that point the officer says he went back to Beckwith's room and arrested him.

According to the superintendent of the Woodland school district, there was an assembly at the school where Beckwith, apologized to the student body.

School officials say they can not discuss the situation any further because it is a personnel matter.

Beckwith has returned to work.

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