Animal cruelty cases adding up across Kentuckiana

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) – Police in southern Indiana say a dog was thrown from a 15 foot balcony onto pavement. It's just another scenario adding to the dozens of animal cruelty cases seen recently in Kentuckiana.

Jax is a terrier mix and the New Albany-Floyd County Animal Shelter is his new home. This comes after the shelter got a report of abuse.

"They said they seen their neighbor throw this guy off a two story balcony," said Carrie Mooser an animal control officer.

When animal control arrived at the home, they were met with the dog's owner, who turned Jax over to them.

"She said that a male companion living with her had lost his temper," said Mooser.

Mooser says Jax is lucky. "No injuries, no brain damage, he is sore, sore, sore, so we are treating him with some pain medicine, so we can get him over that," said Mooser.

Jax joins a long list of other pets who weren't as fortunate. Bambi was tossed from a moving car in Harrison County, her pelvis shattered, and she still can't walk. On April 13, the woman accused of throwing her pleaded not guilty in court.

It's a similar story for Hope, who is still recovering, after she was shoved out a window on I-65 last year.

Also recently, Alex Phelps has appeared in court, who is accused of torturing and killing several cats in Bullitt and Jefferson County.

"Often times, it doesn't stop with animals, it goes on to human beings, so it is very important to please report all animal cruelty," said Mary Casey, Shamrock Pet Foundation.

Casey says there could be several reasons for the increase in cruelty. "It very well could be that people are more aware, but also people tend to get frustrated when they have financial issues and they don't have resources," said Casey.

The New Albany- Floyd County Animal Shelter is working with the Floyd County Prosecutor and says charges are possible.

Shamrock encourages all pet owners to spay and neuter, and they can help with costs if you can't afford it.

On April 13, a benefit breakfast will be held at Meridian Cafe at 112 Meridian Avenue. If you eat there from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, a percentage of the proceeds will go to help the Shamrock Pet Foundation.

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