Home Remedies



Home Remedies
By: Wendy Ray

A case of the sniffles can send us right to the medicine cabinet to find somethi

ng, but the trick to feeling better could be hiding somewhere else in your house. You can call it looking outside the medicine box. A Saint Louis University professor of pediatrics says the best way to cure common ailments in children, could be as simple as old fashion home remedies.

Nancy Vales of Cape Girardeau says, "I use baking soda for upset stomachs and cleaning my teeth." While Elsie Siebert says, "I just heard Vicks will help with poison ivy." They're the home remedies passed down from your grandmother or maybe you just heard about them from a friend. Now researchers at Saint Louis University's School of Medicine are backing up those old-fashioned cures, especially for children. Bagels can be used for more than eating, freeze one and it could soothe a child's gums when he or she is teething. A teaspoon of salt mixed in a half a cup of water could help cure a stuffy nose. Drop or spray the salty water into your nose and it helps clean it out. If your child has a sore throat just drink plenty of fluids. If a throat is dry it's more likely to become infected.

It doesn't mean your child is acting up, but you may want to give them the "BRAT" formula, a mixture of bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast that can help cure diarrhea. If your child is tired of those itchy mosquito bites, try rubbing antiperspirant on them. The aluminum salts in antiperspirant will help reabsorb fluid in bug bites, that will help the swelling go down and may help your child stop itching.

A few more home remedies you may like to try, a solution of vinegar and water to cure swimmers ear and Preparation H for chiggers.

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