Talks to close Morehouse Elementary

By Christy Millweard - bio | email

MOREHOUSE, MO (KFVS) - It's still a proposal, but a proposal, that has some parents upset.

Sikeston Superintendent Steve Borgsmiller says he will present a plan to the district school board that would involve closing down Morehouse Elementary School.

Morehouse Parent Jason Rudisill says he believes the situation shouldn't be about the bottom line, and instead should be about the kids' education.

Rudisill says the students from Morehouse would go into the other Sikeston District Schools. He wonders how that will affect the way a child learns.

"I do not want to see as a parent, my children's education suffer, by adding more students to a system that may be already over crowded," said Rudisill.

Rudisill and his wife have three kids at Morehouse, and another one the way into the school. He and he wife are joining other parents in sending letters to the school board and state leaders asking for the school to stay open.

In the couple's letter, it says, "I, as well as many in the community, feel that the placement of 150 to 200 students into an already overcrowded elementary school system is simply unacceptable...this is absolutely wrong."

Rudisill said the school is a "home away from home" for his kids.

"I do understand there's budget cuts from time to time, I do understand that there are governmental cuts that come into play, but my child's education to me, is more important to me, than money," said Rudisill.

He says he doesn't think closing the Morehouse school will save the district that much money, since he says they will have to spend more on bussing children into the Sikeston schools.

But it's not just students' parents that are upset. Members of the community are too.

"I can remember as a child, I grew up here, and we had barber shops, drug stores, and I have fond memories of this town, and I went to that school, and it saddens me very much to think that it's not going to be here," said Morehouse resident Joan Hemphill.

"You know you start decreasing that, it starts decreasing the overall economic status of your town, and I just think it will be a great thing to keep for our community," said Rudisill.

"I think it should remain open, and it's good for the community," said Christian Bryant.

Superintendent Borgsmiller says he will present the plan to the district school board, but he says there is no date set yet. He does say the issue will be resolved by the end of the school year.

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