People say birds creating a 'stench' in a Kentuckiana neighborhood

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - People who live in a neighborhood near Germantown are not happy a protected bird has chosen to live in their neighborhood.

The Black-Crowned Night-Heron has chosen to live in trees near Lynn Street and May Avenue in Louisville. The protected migratory bird has become an annoyance for people who live in the area. Judy and Ray Underwood, who have lived on Lynn Street for sixteen years, said they pushed the city to cut down their trees five years ago. They complained about the noise, the smell, and health concerns.

"I'm not going to get sick over these birds. I didn't plant the trees. I didn't ask to be planted and I didn't ask for these birds," Ray Underwood said.

Judy Underwood said the birds have been living in the neighborhood for 10 years. "Either you had to put up with the birds or get rid of the trees. Well, I'd rather run the air more than have birds around here," she said.

"You talk to anybody down this street, they'll tell you 'cut my tree down'," she continued.

While there were plenty of herons in trees on Sunday, Ray Underwood said there will be more of them in two to three weeks.

University of Louisville Professor Perri Eason Studies Animal behavior. She believes the herons picked the spot for nesting and breeding. She said it is common for them to go back. She said the Migratory Bird Act protects the Black-Crowned Night-Heron.

WAVE 3 asked Eason how someone can move Black-Crowned Night-Herons out of the neighborhood, Eason said cutting down trees or special noise makers will do the trick. She said this should be done when the birds are not breeding and added she supports the protected species.

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