Fire crews battle forest fire

Fire crews on the scene of forest fire
Fire crews on the scene of forest fire

Fire crew in Southern Illinois battled a forest fire Sunday evening.

According to the Jonesboro Fire Department, the forest fire started at 8:04 Sunday evening on Forest Service property off Old Cape Road near Trail 264A in rural Union County, Illinois.

Fire crews on the scene say about a quarter of a mile of forest burned.  They say underbrush and some trees burned on the lower part of a ridge.  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Fire crews brought equipment to clear burned trees and debris at the fire site.

Right now fire crews don't know what started the blaze.

Firefighters say wind was not a factor in fighting the blaze and that the wind had actually died down by the time the fire had started.

The fire is contained and under control.  No homes or other structures were in danger.

Alto Pass, Jonesboro, Anna, Wolf Lake, and Wildlife Fire Fighters fought the blaze until about 9:45 Sunday night.

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