Rally for man who was hit in his wheelchair

DuQuoin Rally
DuQuoin Rally

Dozens came out to a park in DuQuoin, Illinois to rally and walk in memory of 78-year-old Robert Osborne who died on Wednesday. Osborne died from injuries after being hit by an SUV while crossing West Main Street in his wheelchair on March 31st.

The group of more than 30 people, walked from Keys Park to North Hickory then onto West Main Street where Osborne was hit.

Many in the group say the walk was all about remembering Osborne, but to also raise awareness by reminding motorists to keep an eye out for the disabled and pedestrians who cross the street.

Robert of Wardwel, a friend of Osborne's says he came out for the walk in honor of his friend.  Wardwel who is also in wheelchair said, "People need to open their eyes just because we can't walk, don't mean we ain't allowed to be out here on the streets like everybody else."

During the event, two men got into an argument.

According to the DuQuoin Police Department, a man who was not part of the rally came over and started causing trouble.  Police say the man was drunk and got into a brief fight with another man who was involved with the rally.

Both men were taking into custody, but no one is pressing charges.  The drunk man was cited for public intoxication.

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