Police standoff in Benton ends peacefully, man arrested

William Tatum (Source: Benton Police Department)
William Tatum (Source: Benton Police Department)

A seven-hour standoff in Benton Illinois ends peacefully with a Benton man behind bars.

According to the Benton Police Chief, 79-year-old William Tatum kept police at bay after being holed up inside his home on Main Street from 7:30 Friday evening until 2:30 Saturday morning.

Police say Tatum's wife called police saying that he threatened to shoot and kill her. She also told police that Tatum had beat her.

Police responded to 1410 North Main Street, also known as Route 37.

After further investigation, police learned Tatum had numerous guns inside the home and threatened to shoot police and kill himself.

Benton police closed Route 37, a total of nine blocks, evacuated neighbors and called for the I-LEAS swat team, along with other local law enforcement.

After hours of conversations with Tatum, the 79-year-old man surrendered to police peacefully.

Tatum is in the Franklin County Jail on a $50,000 bond for an aggravated assault charge and could face more charges.

Police are continuing to investigate.

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