Government shutdown would delay solider's paychecks

MARION, IL (KFVS) - Across the country many federal employees prepared for a government shutdown. Those include soldiers with the Illinois Army National Guard.

Private First Class Codey Strong puts away his uniform.  He's just returned from taking part in a military funeral honors for a southern Illinois veteran. Strong is also a student at John A Logan College.

"This is a way they earn their living while they're going to college," Military Funeral Honors, State Trainer, Brandon Page said. "They're in the National Guard, but they get a stipend to do funerals."

Page says they have four military funerals set for this weekend. But if the lawmakers in Washington can't reach an agreement on the budget, they still have to come to work and not get paid.

"We're doing this, for the, honor of veterans but they still relay on, you know, this job," Page said.

Other soldiers at the Marion Armory face the same situation. Captain Casey Kline says if the government shuts down, active duty soldiers will still have to report to work at the armory. But he adds, their paychecks will be delayed. Kline also says those in training elsewhere, will also have to return to southern Illinois.

"Because of the budget scenario, we have to recover our personnel who are at any active duty army schools right now," Kline said.

But while Kline and Page continue to stay focused on their military duties in Marion, their eyes remain on Washington.

The possible government shutdown will also delay drill weekends. Kline says they have been postponed until the government can work out a budget.

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