Citizens want a compromise for bike lanes in Cape Girardeau

By Christy Millweard - bio | email

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It's another controversial topic in Cape Girardeau: bicycle lanes. They're coming, it's just a matter of where.

"I don't want bicycle lanes," said Sindy Johnson, a Perryville Road resident.

"The bike lanes are a good idea I like them myself, we should have had them along time ago," said Thomas M. Meyer, a local real estate broker.

People are already allowed to ride their bikes in the street. But should there be a designated lane for them?

John Dodd from Cycle Werx says yes.

"Cars have their place on the road, bicycles are already allowed on the roads, but it gives the bicycles a place to be," said Dodd.

Johnson, says no.

"I understand the cyclists want the lanes for safety, and that's all good, but at the end of the day, we're the ones that are going to suffer," said Johnson.

The suffering, is homeowners losing their spot to park on the street.

"They can still ride their bikes with striping or not, and I don't care if anybody rides their bike, but I do care about losing parking," said Johnson.

But some are worried it won't just be parking they lose. Homeowners say property values might go down as well. But long time broker Thomas M Meyer, says it really could go either way.

"It could be, if it's done right, it could enhance the property values," said Meyer.

Meyer says the problem, is all in people not wanting to change.

"They're used to certain habits," said Meyer.

You might think the answer is simple, people riding bicycles should just ride on the sidewalk. However there's a problem with that, in Cape Girardeau, it's illegal.

But those involved think there can be some sort of compromise.

"I would rather see bicycle lanes with parking, you know some sort of compromise," said Dodd.

"There's got to be a little give and take on neighborhoods, a little give and take on the city," said Meyer.

And the city says they are taking all feedback from citizens into consideration.

"Our response was ok, we'll use the different routes and proceed with those," said Cape Girardeau City Manager Scott Meyer.

Heather Brooks from the City of Cape Girardeau says they are taking all input from citizens into consideration. She says the sections of road have not been finalized, but there might be some compromise such as bike routes will just signs, and not striping. That means cars can still park there.

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