Local agencies brace for impact of government shutdown

By Holly Brantley

(KFVS) - From their jobs, to your upcoming trips, representatives with the Army Corp of Engineers Wappapello Lake Office say they are worried a possible government shutdown could sink the kick off to Summer.

On Wappapello, a federal shutdown would mean they'll reduce to bare minimum staffing. You can still boat and camp, but areas may be limited.

"We just won't be able to keep as many places open," said John Daves, of the Wappapello Lake Office, Interpretive Services. "Hunting and fishing areas there will be no change to."

They caution the public, there may not be as much staff on hand if you have a problem.

Meanwhile, at Mingo National Wildlife Refuge, staff says they are concerned there will soon be fewer cars in their parking lots.

Plans are in the works to figure out how they will manage Mingo if federal money fails to fly in.

Meanwhile, Missouri Department of Transportation Officials say they are also on notice.

"We always get concerned whenever we are running without a federal budget," said Cheryl Ball. "We worry how it will impact contractors and needed safety improvements."  While MoDot does not expect job cuts in a short term shutdown, they say the longer it lingers, the greater the impact.

You will still have to file taxes, but your return may be delayed.

Social Security checks will still go out. The United States Postal Service will still operate.

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