Voters send strong message to Marion school leaders

Voters in Marion Illinois send a strong message to school leaders. The four incumbent school board members seeking re-election won't be coming back.

In a school district like Marion teachers educate students. Its members of the school board which make sure the schools and teachers do their jobs.

"I think it's important that if things are not going the way we think they should go, then I believe it's time for change," Marion voter  RJ Jones said.

This voter says she also wanted change and hopes her vote will bring some common sense back to the district.

"We're getting too big, the schools are too big," Marion voter Jo said. "I just want common sense to come back."

On Tuesday voters ousted all four incumbent school board members seeking re-election. That includes board president Todd Goodman. In a statement to Heartland News Goodman said "We are given temporary custody of an institution called the board of education, and it belongs to the people. The people have chosen to entrust it to someone else." Goodman went on thank voters and wished the district the best.

According to unofficial numbers attorney Joseph Bleyer received the most votes. Bleyer says some of the reasons he decided to run come from the several law suits the district is currently fighting in court.

"We need to get these things resolved because the tax payers voted us in and they're the only ones paying on both ends, paying the tax payer from the school district, tax payers of the city are paying the lawyers and it's not getting any better," Bleyer said.

One of those legal battles playing out in court surrounds the building of a new Creal Springs School.

"They're breaking ground. I have no agenda to go in there and stop construction tomorrow," Bleyer said.

Bleyer says he hopes to build better communication between the administration and teachers. He adds they also need to look at future needs before the district decides to build.

Bleyer and the three other new members are expected to be seated in May. The Unit 2 Board of Education has a total of seven members.

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