YourTurn - 4/8/11

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Mary Pavloff from Zeigler, Illinois:
"Congress made it a law that all motorists have to wear seat belts which I first resented…what about motorcycles…I say Congress should make it mandatory that all motorcyclists wear helmets."
Jason Hoffard from Valier, Illinois:
"Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on guns on campus) That's great, Mike, so you just insulted every 18 to 21 year old soldier who defends your freedom because obviously their ‘underdeveloped' brains couldn't make sound decisions while handling firearms in combat, right? As far as binge drinking goes, most every state prohibits carrying (guns) while consuming alcohol and I know plenty of binge drinkers who are not in college…let's hope they are not bingeing during class and they should be fine. Think before you speak, Mike."

Ben Eubanks from DuQuoin, Illinois:
"We just had an anniversary of the Three Mile Island melt down. Remember we were told we had nothing to fear? Then the one in Russia and now Japan and we are again told all is well. Do you believe them?"

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