Marion's Mayor retains his seat for a 13th term

Voters sent out a loud clear voice during the Illinois Consolidated Elections, by sending Mayor Bob Butler back to work for four more years.

"There are a number of things I'm looking forward to. At the top of the list is the Star Bond Destination project," Mayor Butler said.

"That I hope to see start in ten or eleven months. And when it does take off it's going to be a fabulous proposition not just for Marion but for our entire area."

once Mayor Butler completes his 13th term in office he will have served the City of Marion for 52 years.

"If you say it real fast it doesn't seem so long. But I can truthfully say I can look back over the past 48 years and it seems like they've almost passed in the blink of an eye. But then I look around the city and see all the things that have developed and I realize the time has elapsed."

"There are a number of things that attract people to Marion, and once they get here they stay here," said Mayor Butler.

But, Mayor Butler says this is his final time in office.

His two opponents carried less then half the votes collectively on election night.

"Well I ran against a man who has one of the most recognizable names in southern Illinois. And he out spent me ten-to-one, for every dollar I spent he spent ten," said Robert Owens.

"So it went about where we expected. I'm done with politics, I'm retired I'm going turkey hunting in the morning."

The first woman who has ever run for Mayor in the history of the city, Carolyn Swartos says she's not giving up on her bid for the mayor's office.

"I found it really exciting. He is a 48 year incumbent, he's done this 12-times it's my first time," said Swartos.

"And I think we had a head to head race, and keeping up with each other on the day to day pace of the race. But the voters always vote and determine who wins the race."

The total number of votes cast were 9,487 of the 44,121 registered voters in Williamson County.

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