Perfect Cookie




Perfect Cookie
By: Amy Jacquin

Any time of year is a good time to bake cookies! And Perfect Cookie promises that beautiful cookies are just a click away.

Wes Kinsey knows all about making beautiful cookies. He owns My Daddy's Cheesecake in Cape Girardeau.
The downfall of most of these is in the ratchet part
," says Wes
"They w
on't hold up over time.
But Wes says the Perfect Cookie feels pretty stout, and it comes with various tips for filling things, or spreading toppings on crackers.

Wes sifts through the designs, and chooses a flower pattern for our first test of the $20 Perfect Cookie press. "I think they're heavy enough to hold up," he says, testing the strength of the disks. "They won't buckle." When filling the tube with dough, make sure to pack the dough as much as possible. "So the tighter you can get it pushed in there and the air burped out, the better the product will turn out," advises Wes.

Wes' dough is homemade. But a store-bought log of dough would fit perfectly in the Perfect Cookie. Directions say to put the press directly on the cookie sheet, and pump the handle a couple of times. "We'll just test it, and see how it does," Wes says as he gives it a try. "Ooh, that's tight!"

You can tell by Wes's white knuckles how hard he's squeezing! And when he's finished, the cookie doesn't fall. "It made the design, but didn't stick to the sheet," he shakes his head. It says to use an un-greased cookie sheet, but we're curious to see if it works on teflon paper for ease of clean-up. Wes tries another couple of cookies, to see if they bond any better. We try a larger ribbon pattern, before admitting we need to thin the dough a bit.

"So it's a lot softer," he says after adding water and beating the dough again. "But it still holds a peak, and that's important." The dough is much easier to press, but "it began to stick to the paper, but still didn't release."

So we move directly to the pan. "There! It did it!" Wes exclaims. Wes does several in a row, and you can see the pattern gets a little fuzzier each time. We might have our dough too thin now, and they hold up in the oven very well.

A lot of the success of the Perfect Cookie is based on your dough, and that's going to come from people having to experiment. "Practice makes perfect," Wes puns about the Perfect Cookie name. "and I could see it as a fun interaction for the family."

Clean-up is not too bad, because it all comes apart. So as far as this $20 Perfect Cookie press is concerned, Amy Jacquin is "hard-pressed" to find many negative things to say! It tops out at an A-.