Afternoon update: Cell tower, 2 homes collapse in Ballard County

Storm damages home in Ballard County.
Storm damages home in Ballard County.
Storm damage in Ky. (Source: Chris Noles via Twitter)
Storm damage in Ky. (Source: Chris Noles via Twitter)

Good Afternoon! It has been a crazy day with the weather today in the Heartland. We will have live coverage tonight on the damaging storms that affected the Heartland today.

In Ballard County, Ky., a cell phone tower and 2 homes collapsed due to storms. There are reports of other major damage with barns and trees down. Holly Brantley is in Ballard County and talks with a family who lost a home today.

There are reports of storm damage in McCraken County and other areas in western Kentucky as well.

Arnold Wyrick is in Akin, Illinois getting details of where storms tore a hole in a school's roof.

Bob Reeves says the rain is coming to an end, and to expect cooler temperatures tonight and tomorrow, with lows in the 30s tonight and highs in the 60s tomorrow.

There are new developments in the Carter County sheriff story. The sheriff has been charged with distribution of meth. We will have the latest information on this story tonight at five, six, nine and ten.

We will have new details on an armed robbery at a deli in Marion over the weekend.

Todd Richards has the latest scoop on the Mizzou head coaching story!

Have a great evening!

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