EF1 & EF2 tornadoes hit Ballard County

(Source: Brent White, KSP)
(Source: Brent White, KSP)
Storm damage of a home in New York
Storm damage of a home in New York
A picture next to the house in Ballard County (Source: Chris Noles via Twitter)
A picture next to the house in Ballard County (Source: Chris Noles via Twitter)
Black skies of Ballard County Monday morning.
Black skies of Ballard County Monday morning.

BALLARD COUNTY, KY (KFVS/AP) - Monday brought with it severe weather for parts of western Kentucky.

The National Weather Service investigator on the scene in Ballard County Monday evening says preliminary damage surveys indicate an EF-2 tornado blew through the area.

"We're sure the damage is consistent with a tornado," said Rick Shanklin, with the National Weather Service. "We're determining the wind speed and the path now."

The National Weather Service also says an EF-1 tornado also hit the county.  The NWS says both tornadoes hit near the Slater/La Center area.

A cell phone tower and two homes collapsed, leaving one person trapped, according to the Ballard County Sheriff's Office.

Ballard County Deputy Sheriff Cary Batts said a man was seriously injured after a collapsed roof left him trapped under rubble Monday.

The collapse of the tower off of County Road 358 was believed to be from strong winds, according to police.

The cell phone tower collapse in Ballard County caused some pretty significant communication problems county wide.

The sheriff's department said there were problems with both land line and cell phones on Monday.

Officials say for the most part, those problems appear to be fixed.

The Ky. Transportation Cabinet Ballard County Highway Maintenance crew reported a number of trees down on the highway and around Ballard County.

Public Information Officer Keith Todd said several barns have reportedly blown over.

The worst damage appears to be in the Slater area of Ballard Co. along KY 1290 south of LaCenter.

A barn blew over into a piece of highway mowing equipment on KY 1290 around the 7 mile marker, according to Todd.

Todd says the Ballard Co. highway crew was concentrating on cutting up trees and getting debris off the roads to maintain access for emergency crews.

Near county road 358, Williams Racing Stables farm was also damaged. Thirty plus horses were untouched, but one worker was hurt.

"We pulled him out of the debris," said Randy Williams. "He's got some serious injuries. All of this can be replaced. We are thankful it wasn't worse."

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