Ft. Knox base realignments relocates soldiers, families

Posted by Kevin Kayse e-mail

FORT KNOX, KY (WAVE) - While Base realignment has brought new roles, offices and jobs to Fort Knox, it also means some of its soldiers will soon pack up and move.

The Armor School will relocate to Fort Benning, Georgia by mid-September.

March 31, officials from nearby communities held an information fair for the soldiers and families who are moving.

The goal is to make the difficulties of relocating a family just a little easier.

"I don't really like it because we just got here," said SPC Mark Cupp, who is relocating to Fort Benning. "I wasn't expecting to PSC so early. But, it's going to be good for the long run."

Specialist Cupp and his family spent part of the day looking into childcare options near Fort Benning.

Moving the Armor School to Fort Benning streamlines tactical training for the Army.

Moving the Human Resources and Recruiting Command here to Fort Knox centralizes the Army's personnel management.

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