One Second Needle: Does it Work?

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Makers of the One Second Needle say "all you do is loop and thread and in just one second!"

We'll see. I enlisted the help of Cheryl Winchel, Owner/operator of the Golden Needle and a quick seamstress herself.

"This might actually work a little bit better," she said.

Cheryl says similar products called "handicap needles" have been around for years, but she believes the maker of the One Second Needle modified it a bit.

"It's probably quicker than me trying to find the hole."

Here's the catch, literally. You have to hold the special needle in the exact upright position in order for the thread to catch. After a few tries, we get the hang of it.

"It's pretty quick."

Quick enough to do it blindfolded, as seen in the commercial?

"I don't think I can do it blindfolded. I was doing good to do it with my eyes open."

Ok, I'll take one for the team. First try...not so much. I end up actually breaking the thread. With Cheryl's guidance, I get it on the second try.

So, you can thread this needle pretty quickly and even blindfolded, but here's why I "try it before you buy it." Turns out you can thread it, but not exactly sew with it.

"This doesn't seem to go through the fabric very well. The needles are blunt and not very sharp."

Cheryl recommends you only use this needle for quick mends--definitely not quilting or for fine detailed work because the needle is so heavy. We compare it to a regular needle to see how easily it glides through the fabric as compared to the big holes left behind by the One Second version.

"It's a great idea, but I think you need to refine the needle a bit."

At ten bucks for only eight needles and a rather cheaply made bonus sewing kit, we're not sure this is a good deal, no matter how "easy" it is.

"C plus or B minus, maybe."

The one-second needle has a little bit of mending to do itself before I can give it a higher grade. It sews a C+ on this Does it Work test.

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