Sikeston man optimistic medical mystery will soon be solved

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - A Sikeston man's medical mystery may soon be solved.

Heartland News has followed the story of Adam Tinnin over the past few years.

For nearly five years the young husband and father has suffered from a condition that keeps landing him back in a wheelchair.

Tinnin is now 21-years-old. As a young teen he mysteriously went from active to wheelchair bound. One morning his toes and feet started turning blue, purple, and cold. He could barely walk.

After a number of trips to various doctor's offices he ended up hospitalized in St. Louis.

One surgeon heard his story, and diagnosed Adam with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, it's like Carpal Tunnel but in the ankles.

After two surgeries he was up and walking.

It came back in 2008. He underwent two more surgeries, but this time on the back of his legs.

It worked for two more years. Adam felt great, he could walk and do everything he loved.

He got married, and last year he and his wife Amanda welcomed a son into their lives.

Recently the symptoms re-emerged. Adam is back in a wheelchair.

He believes someone, somewhere can unlock the mystery.

He is preparing now to go to Cleveland, Ohio where he will see a neurologist and hopefully get the answers he is seeking.

He may be there for quite some time, and it could be very costly.

Donation cans are set up the First State Community Bank in Sikeston, the World Finance Corporation in Sikeston, and Tanic Tan in Sikeston.

There is also a benefit account set up at Focus Bank in Sikeston for large or small businesses to make donations.

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