Man uses toilet display for protest

KITTERY, ME (CNN) - A Kittery, ME, homeowner is using a toilet display to protest the expansion of a nearby school.

"It's really just to send a loud message across the town," said David Linscott, a plumber who took 17 toilets out of hotels and put them in his neighborhood to put the town on notice. "This is just a way of telling them we're dissatisfied."

Linscott does not think the expansion of the middle school was done with much attention to his neighborhood's quality of life.

"Here we are, a year and a half later, and we still don't have a really good solution to some of the problems here," Linscott said.

Problems such as speeding, parking on his property, poor drainage, and a general lack of privacy that he thinks could be helped by a fence paid for by the town.

Town Manager Keith Baldi said they have taken him seriously and have already tried to rectify some issues while living within their tight budget.

"We're not through," Baldi said. "Our town planner is trying to set up neighborhood meetings and to begin to address some of the issues."

Since his protest started, Linscott said town officials have reached out to him, trying to set up a neighborhood meeting to talk about the problems.

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