YourTurn - 3/25/11

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Tom Beardslee from Benton, Missouri:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on guns on campus) what makes (Smythe) think that a college campus is any different from the community surrounding it? The only thing accomplished by prohibiting Concealed Carry Permit holders from carrying weapons on campus is to create yet another soft-target area where criminals can be assured they are the only persons with a gun and that they can do whatever they wish because gun restrictions do not stop criminals…the need for responsible armed faculty and staff members on campus is not for deterrence. It is for response to these threats by the people who are there and are prospective victims. Everyone has the right to defend themselves…it may be good showmanship to show pictures of the Texas governor with a gun in hand while (Smythe) ridicules his position on this question, but I look to KFVS12 news for accurate information, not showmanship."

Heartland viewer Joan Flentge:
"Just how much oil do we receive from Libya? Because of the unrest in Libya does it really warrant the large increase in gas prices? It seems that anytime there is any unrest in a country in the Middle East it gives the oil companies a reason to increase gas prices…to me it all does not make sense. The big oil companies line their pockets more and more…someone reported oil companies made billions (more) when gas prices rose to over $4.00 per gallon."

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