‘Tis the season for termites

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -A lot of people are taking advantage of the great weather to get outside and work in their yards.  Experts say watch out how much you water.  Too much of a "good thing" could lead to danger of damage from termites.

Your yard, your gutters, areas of your home that drip could be a perfect storm for termites.

"Roof leaks, water leaks anywhere moisture can build up like door facings of garages and patio doors," said Chad Woodard of All American Pest Control.

Any moisture near your home is an open invitation for the insects that will eat away at your house if they get the chance.

"A lot of times you'll be checking a window sill and the only thing that is actually left on the windowsill is the paint and they'll be totally shocked," said Woodard.

Woodard said termites are around all year long but spring time is when most people notice them.

"Your first good few humid days during the spring is when termites will start swarming," said Woodard.

Not knowing the bugs are there can cost you thousands.  That's why experts say it is necessary to treat your home for termites.  Woodard said they treat the soil around the home to put up a barrier to keep termites out.

"We're going to drill the ground slab, treat that and they we're also going to drill the brick veneer and get chemical behind the brick veneer as well as rod and trench the mulch areas," said Woodard.

There are obvious warning signs of termite infestation that you need to look for.

"You can look for wings in your windowsills, you can look for pin holes in your sheet rock," said Woodard.

The most important thing you can do is keep things that are conducive to moisture away from your house.

"Make sure all water from your gutters is routed a safe distance from your home so it doesn't pool up," said Woodard.

A lot of people put mulch right up against their house and then water their plants.  Many will also have their yards treated and then do some gardening and move around the dirt and put down mulch and that removes the barrier against termites.

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