East Prairie dealing with wide spread power outage

By Tyler Profilet - bio | email & Christy Millweard - bio | email

EAST PRAIRIE, MO (KFVS) - More than 1,000 Ameren UE customers in East Prairie were without power Monday.

Ameren says a transformer at a substation in town went out just after 6 a.m.

A representative says they are bringing a temporary large transformer from St. Louis in order to fix the problem.

Mayor Pro Tem Kevin Mainord says they've told him the problem could be fixed anytime between tonight and tomorrow afternoon.

Mainord says it's affected the town, and basically shut it down for the day.

"It's affecting a lot of the businesses here in town, that need refrigeration for food, for the things they have in their store to sell to the public it's affecting our school system," said Mainord.

East Prairie schools closed at noon due to the outages.

"With the power outage this morning, it basically shut them down for the day," said Tony Guthrie, an East Prairie citizen.

Mainord says restaurants, stores, the nursing home, and even gas stations all had to close for the day.

The City Administration building, and a few others, are running on generator until the problem is fixed.

Mainord says he and many others a frustrated, upset, and just want answers.

"It amazes me that they are entrusted with providing public utilities to the public and having the trust of our citizens of our community and many of others and finding out that an integral piece of equipment, that causes us to be without power for over 20 hours, is not on standby, closely on standby so that they could get the electricity up and running again," said Mainord.

"I believe they should have thought about this along time ago, and this should have been something that was upgraded or looked at to see," said Guthrie.

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