Conair Shaving Gel Warmer




Conair Shaving Gel Warmer
By: Amy Jacquin

Slapping cold lather on your face to shave isn't usually a pleasant experience! But a gel warmer by Conair may provide a more comfortable start to your day.

The $20 Conair gel warmer looks easy to assemble... But it takes some getting used to, and yes, even the men, have to read directions! Eric Brown owns SEMO Hairstyling Academy in Cape Girardeau, and is thinking about getting these gel warmers for his school.

"It heats your skin and makes your hair stand up," Eric explains. "And it's a comfort factor."

Making hair stand up also means a closer shave. Eric gets the Conair gel warmer ready to go after a few minutes... And it heats up quickly.

"It's nice and warm," Eric says as he squirts some onto his fingers.

Scott Kehlenbrink is our first volunteer.

"It feels nice," adds Scott, as Eric lathers his face. "It's warm, but not too warm. It definitely feels better than plain cream."

Eric's blade slides easily through the gel, and Scott gets a close shave.

David Sappington is learning to become a barber, and is used to the hot towel treatment.

"Oh, this feels much better than a hot towel," he says.

"And this gel warmer saves time," adds Eric. "With a hot towel you have to lather the face, put the towel on and let it sit, remove the lather, than reapply. This is just one step."

And the lather stays warm for the entire shave.

"This side still felt warm, even while he was working on the other," David says. "It's a good close shave. I like it."

Actually, David's skin stayed warm for several minutes after he was out of the chair. And, yes, Eric says he'll likely invest in a couple for school use.

So the $20 Conair gel warmer is a little awkward at first, but it warms up quickly and stays warm. We give it a solid A- .