Flood waters force families from homes

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

METROPOLIS, IL (KFVS) -The rising waters of the Ohio River have forced several families in Metropolis out of their homes.

The river began to rise in the Metropolis area after heavy rains earlier this week in the Upper Ohio Valley.

Many families living along Vienna Street and Second Street in Metropolis headed for higher and dryer ground.

"When I went in that night the water was on the road, but I could still get in on my road. So  I went on into my house," said Judy Brewer, "and I know from before, I'd gone to sleep and woke up and was surrounded by water and couldn't get out. So this time I just packed up and got out of there. We only had a little area around the trailer that was still dry."

Many of Brewer's neighbors followed her lead and abandoned their homes too. Now who knows what they're going to be coming home to after several days of their homes sitting in flood water.

Even people who live on higher ground near the flooded out neighborhood are leaving before it gets too late.

"I live right on the other side of the railroad tracks here on Vienna Street and I can still walk into my house," said Allen Koon.  "But we can't drive in so we decided to just get on out of here, until the waters go down. We're going to be staying with family members who live over in Joppa, until then."

It may be several more days before those families can return to their homes. According to the National Weather Service the Ohio River did crest on Saturday morning. However, the flood waters will take much longer to recede out of communities along the Ohio River.

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