Chaffee students get lesson in good health

By Stephanie Byars - bio | email

CHAFFEE, MO (KFVS) - In Scott County, the health department is taking steps to address obesity problem in the area, starting with the youngest members of the community.

A pilot program called 'Team Nutrition' teaches healthy habits at a young age.

"The goal of the program is simple: eat smart, play hard," said program coordinator, Brenda Freed, with the Scott County Health Department.

Chaffee Elementary students are the first to try out a program to change their lives.

"Healthy eating and physical activity are essential for kids to become successful and reach their full potential," said Freed.

The Scott County Health Department will visit the kids twice a month for three months.

The lesson: eat 5 serving of fruits and vegetables a day, add whole grains into your diet, start smart with a healthy breakfast, and increase physical activity.

21:44:27 "chicken, oranges, broccoli and some kind of macaroni... I don't know what it was."

The kids seems to be getting the message already!

"I sprayed some of the orange juice onto the chicken and it was good," said student Natalie James Wyatt.

"They've learned that healthy food is good food," said Freed.

But healthy eating isn't the only lesson. Students are also learning table manners, something any parent can appreciate.

"You should always be respectful to you parents and be responsible," said James Wyatt.

They're even getting a little education on chivalry!

"I learned girls deserve the most attention and you should not chew with your mouth open," said student Kade Sullivan.

The Scott County Health Department hopes to expand the program to other schools.

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