Heartland singer, Country Music Hall of Famer Ferlin Husky dies

NASHVILLE, TN (KFVS & AP) – Heartland singer and Country Music Hall of Famer Ferlin Husky died.

Country music pioneer Ferlin Husky died Thursday at his home in Nashville, Tennessee at the age of 85.  Reports say Husky died from a heart related illness.

Husky was a native of Flat River Park Hills, Missouri in St. Francois County and is best known for his music hits "Wings of a Dove" and "Gone" in the 1950's and 60's.

Some say Husky helped make country music popular after World War II.

The country singer was known for his resonant voice and good looks making him one of the most versatile entertainers to emerge from country music.

He wore many hats in the music business as a singer, songwriter, guitarist and actor.  Husky is also known for being one of the first country musicians to bring the genre to television.

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