Puxico Jr. High's Amazing Race - Making the Grade

By Laura Wibbenmeyer - bio | email

PUXICO, MO (KFVS) - Since January, Puxico Junior High students and teachers have been transforming their halls into different places all over the world.  It's called their "Amazing Race" and just like the hit CBS show, this no place is off limits for these kids.  It's all in the search of knowledge.  Limbo sticks and hula skirts in classrooms?  Palm trees and huts in the hallway?  One look around this school and you'll surely think you're not in Puxico anymore.

"We tried to come up with a fun way to get the kids motivated," said teacher and creator of the amazing race, Amber Bond.

Even though it may look like all fun here, Amber Bond says learning is top priority.

"We received our MAP data from the previous year and from there each teacher identified three or four areas that he or she wanted to target," said Bond.

In Ms. Bond's class that targeted area is heat and energy and they're learning that through the hula.

"Do a little wave motion with our arms for electromagnetic wave, transferring that heat energy," explained Bond.

"I thought it was a good way to remember it because when a test comes up with those words we'll be able to remember hey I did this dance in science for the amazing race," said 6th grader Allee Crabb. "So conduction is when we put our hands together so that must be energy through direct contact."

After completing the day's task correctly the reward is a stamp on your passport.  The more stamps you have the more points.  But like every amazing race, there will be road blocks too. The right answer to a vocabulary question during the road block will keep them cruising toward the finish line.

"They're learning not only all about the simple machines but they're getting to see them in action," said teacher Will Davis.

In every classroom the challenge is different, but the goal is the same.  Teachers hope Amazing Race points translate into MAP test points.

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