Scott City dress code concerns

By Christy Millweard - bio | email

SCOTT CITY, MO (KFVS) - Scott City's new dress code is supposed to help eliminate problems, but some worry if it will create more.

The Scott City Dress Code Committee met Wednesday night to discuss some logistics for the new policy. They talked about numerous things such as where kids will get these new clothes they will be required to wear. Some fear requiring a new wardrobe might cause a financial burden for students and parents.

Beth Cox says they are looking into a number of things like swap meets to share clothes, or working with organizations at the school to sell clothing that would be dress code appropriate.

Cox says the committee is also discussing forms of communication, as she says its important to have a way to answer all the questions parents and students have.

"Is this acceptable if I have a polo shirt with a stripe around the collar? Will that be acceptable? The logo information," said Cox.  "There's been a lot of questions, and things that we're looking at, you know what we need to do so that we're implementing this so the kids can keep their focus on education."

While Cox says she's received a ton of positive feedback, not all students and parents are happy about the change.

Tonia Hebrock is one of those parents. One of her daughters, Samantha, is in 7th grade and recently dyed her hair in honor of breast cancer awareness. Her family is upset with the new dress code that wouldn't be possible.

"We should be able to express ourselves, and be ourselves around everybody. We shouldn't have to look the same," said Samantha Hebrock.

"We've got a great school out here. We've got a lot of talented children, but if you start treating them like little drones and dressing them like robots, you're not going to have talented children," said Tonia Hebrock.

"You know might as well give them numbers instead of names," said Catherine Stovall, another daughter.

They also say this dress code would not eliminate one thing many parents worry about, bullying.

"People are still going to bully, you can't change a kids face, you can't change their weight, you can't change their hair," said Stovall.

"People can come up to you and make fun of your face or your hair, or what you sound like or anything like that," said Samantha Hebrock.

"No matter it be uniform or be individual clothing, they're still going to have the same drama, the same teasing, because of the clothing being different. I can go out buy and polos from Aeropostale, and someone can go buy them at Wal-Mart, it's still going to be the same thing," said Tonia Hebrock.

Hebrock says her and her daughters will be back next week at the school's board meeting to discuss the issue further.

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