Thieves stealing high water signs in Saline County

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

SALINE COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - A very dangerous situation is developing in Saline County.

That's where police say someone is stealing high water road signs, that are placed on flooded roads.

"Over the last day and a half we've lost five signs and barricades that have been taken off of roads we have closed that are dangerous and impassable," said Harrisburg Chief of Police and Township Road Commissioner Bob Smith.

"The people that are taking these signs don't realize the dangers they're causing to the traveling public."

The Chief says one of the worst flooded out roads in the county is Ingram Hill Road, where the flood waters span more than a hundred and fifty yards, and is more than six feet deep.

"At night time you can't see the water it all looks like pavement. And you drive off into the water before you realize what has happened," said Chief Smith.

The thieves have also stolen signs on Muddy Road, Christy Road and on Brier Creek Road. And the people who live along those flooded out roads say those high water signs are important.

"They're very important there's a lot of people who want to drive out here and check out the water," said Blanche Riley whose lived on Ingram Hill Road for the past twenty years.

"They get out here and the signs not up and they drive off into the water especially at night. Whoever is doing this it's not a joke at all they better realize that this is very dangerous."

Riley's neighbor just down the road also is concerned about someone possibly driving off into the flood waters.

"It's a very dangerous situation, if you've looked down there with the ridge in the road there you can't see anything until you drop off of it. And it's too late if you're going to fast," said Aaron Hall.

Now police are asking for your help tracking down who is stealing the road signs in Saline County.

And the Chief of Police is offering anyone with one of the signs amnesty if the return it to the Saline County Sheriff's office on Thursday from 8 a.m. until noon, after that Chief Smith says anyone caught with a township sign will be charged with a felony.

He's also asking anyone with any information, or if they see anyone acting suspicious around road signs to call the Saline County Sheriff's Office at 618-252-8661.

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