Officials get lesson in high tech crimes against children

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - In Sikeston, dozens of local police, prosecutors, and child advocates got a lesson in high-tech crimes against children.

Robert Giles is a Michigan attorney who specializes in prosecuting cases of child abuse.

Giles spoke as part of the beacon health conference, describing how he investigates crimes involving kids and the internet.

The head of the southeast Missouri network against sexual violence (NASV) says with technology constantly changing, this kind of training is really a requirement.

"As quickly as technology changes, you can never have enough information," said NASV President Tammy Gwaltney. "So we work really hard with bringing in speakers who can help us stay on top of that."

The conference continues on March 17, 2011, with more on sexually violent predators and protecting children in the court system.

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