Three juveniles accused of beating, urinating on boy

DEXTER, MO (KFVS) - Three juveniles accused of assaulting a Dexter youth on two separate occasions, videotaping the incidents and posting them on the Internet were taken into custody Tuesday.

A news release from Dexter Detective Lt. Trevor Pulley says the alleged assaults were viewed and reported to authorities.  The incidents did not take place on school property, Pulley said.

Petitions filed in juvenile court allege second and third-degree assault, as well as criminal responsibility against all three juveniles.  The allegations state that on or about February 11 and March 5, the victim was bound by duct tape, punched and kicked several times, burned, and urinated on while being videotaped.

The allegations also claim the juveniles rubbed clothing laced with urine on his face.

All three juveniles were being held at the Stoddard County Regional Detention Center in Bloomfield.  Detention hearings for the juveniles were scheduled for Thursday morning.

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