YourTurn - 3/18/11

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Travis Leimer from Cape Girardeau:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on No-Knock Police Raids) recently my neighbors were the victims of a home invasion during the middle of the day…I have started keeping my .45 (pistol) loaded. If someone kicks in my door I would shoot first and ask questions later. I have to protect my family…I really believe police should identify themselves. This really worries me!"
Jack Young from Kelso, Missouri:
"Publishing the names of law abiding citizens just because they are gun owners is the most asinine thing I have ever heard. Not only do you create targets for gun thieves but now thieves also know who are unarmed and would make easier and safer pickings…talk about stupidity in action!"

Ben Eubanks from DuQuoin, Illinois:
"Each day we burn thousands of tons of western coal to produce electricity in Illinois. The western coal contains three times the mercury as Illinois coal and only half the BTU's…by burning Illinois coal the mercury content spewing over our citizens could be cut by two thirds and the amount of coal burned could be cut in half…I can only imagine how many new jobs would be created. It is time for government to use common sense for a change!"

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