Does it Work Wednesday - The Gyro Bowl

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

SIKESTON, MO  (KFVS) - Toddlers at the University Childcare Center in Sikeston are"on the go," but will the Gyro Bowl go with them? It promises to spin like a globe, never spilling any snack inside it!

We have the little goldfish snacks and the raisins seen in the commercial, and the line's already forming at the snack table.  As the children walk along with the snacks in the Gyro Bowl, we see the bowl swiveling and holding the snacks in place.  However, once the kids jump just like the children in the commercial, out the snacks go!

We did some "careful" jumping, too, since these kids are used to structured snack time at the table here at the center. So, when teacher Miss Ashley Dirnberger puts these bowls to the test, the snacks really go flying.

"Oh no! All over the floor!"

These bowls aren't any better than normal ones if your child happens to throw it across the room either. At least the Gyro Bowls make a nice rattle when the little snacks get trapped inside them!

"I thought it was a little disappointing. They're a lot of spills, so I don't know that it worked that well," said Kristina Vetter, a mother watching our test.

She's right. The Gyro Bowls don't spill when the kids walk slowly and carefully, but that's also the case with normal bowls, right?

"If this would've worked, it would've been great. It would prevent that mess I'm constantly having to clean up when he dumps his bowls."

So, Gyro Bowls might be fun for kids, but we're learning it doesn't matter what you serve the snacks in, so long as they get their hands on them.

For $30 with shipping, mom knows best.

"I'd definitely not pay that much for it. I think a grade 'D' at least."

"Oh no!" says one of our tiny testers.

"Oh no' is right! Gyro Bowls snack on a disappointing grade 'D' on this Does it Work test.

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