MO House passes late-term abortion bill

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KFVS) -- The Missouri House has given first-round approval to a bill that establishes 20 weeks as the viability age of a fetus and puts limits on when and how an abortion could be performed on that fetus.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Tim Jones, R-Eureka, says that an abortion can only be performed if the procedure is to save the life of the mother.

It also mandates that the pregnancy must be terminated in such a way as to preserve the life of the child. In that case, the doctor performing the procedure must be attended by a second physician who would take control of the baby when it is delivered.

Opponents say no child delivered at 20 weeks has ever survived, and that legislation forces undo burdens on families already struggling with the life or death decision of the mother.

The legislation passed a preliminary vote by a 120-37 margin. It needs to pass one more roll call vote before moving on to the State Senate.

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