Fanny pack making a comeback

They may be practical, but fanny packs have never been considered, well, fashionable.

Until now!

Top designers are re-making, re-naming, and re-introducing one of the most notorious of accessories.

That's why prancing down the runways, strapped to the skinny hips and long legs of those high fashion models this spring, is something many of us thought would never--- ever--- show up again.

But now it is, the fanny pack.

It's now a so-called "must have" accessory.

It's been renamed, of course.

"The name is still verboten," said fashion editor Jill Hudson Neal. "You are not supposed to call it a fanny pack you call it anything else. You call it a hip bag or you call it a belt of some kind," she added.

Hudson Neal says the reintroduction of the fanny pack also comes with a higher price tag.

"They've all decided to bring this back, showed it on their runways for spring, they've made it like a 300 to 2-3 thousand dollar version."

For Larissa Popp, who has long fended off criticism from friends for wearing a fanny pack, it's a fashion vindication.

"I've been into fanny packs for quite a while," said Popp. "I see it as something that is practical. For example I love dancing, especially with Latin dancing, you are doing all these spins and if you have a purse on your shoulder it's just going to fly and hit the guy in the face," she said.

But even though the trend she stuck out her hip for, is now en vogue, she's not about to become brand-conscious.

"This one was about $20 genuine leather from Argentina," Popp said. "I can't imagine paying much more than that."

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