IEMA gets ready for Spring floods

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

METROPOLIS, IL (KFVS) -The Spring rains could bring more than May flowers, according to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.

On Wednesday officials with IEMA met with emergency coordinators across southern Illinois to get them prepared.

"Right now what we're seeing is a swelling of both the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers at the same time which is never a good thing," said Jonathon Monken director of IEMA.

"The biggest impact on the Mississippi River is the snow pack in the northern states. On the Ohio River it really comes down to the rain."

Along with the notification of potential flooding IEMA officials also wanted to hear from local leaders about the concerns they have.

"We've really got one major area of concern, is Brookport," said Larry Douglas Massac County ESDA Coordinator.  "We have an aging levee there that is seventy years old and needs repair. We have to be real cautious when we see water coming up on the river side to be ready to access equipment or whatever we need to keep the water contained."

By working together now to share information and preparedness plans the state and local leaders hope they'll be ready when the rivers overflow their banks.

"We are going to do as much as we can to try and predict when they're going to see the rise in the rivers, and when the flood waters are going to be here. But the fact of the matter is the rivers are going to rise whenever they want too," said Director Monken.

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