Afternoon update: Ill. Gov. abolishes the death penalty

Good Wednesday afternoon! Here are just some of the stories we are working on for you for Heartland News and

The governor of Illinois has signed legislation Wednesday abandoning the death penalty. The new law takes effect July 1, 2011.

There is great news coming out of Poplar Bluff today. After a year away in Afghanistan, soldiers were welcomed home by family, friends and the community. Tyler Profilet was in Poplar Bluff this morning and has local reaction.

An arrest has been made in Cape Girardeau following the KFC robbery late last night.

Also in Cape, some of the city leaders are proposing a noise ordinance.  Christy Millweard accompanies the city council on a downtown tour and will have their reaction to the proposal.

A Ripley County family is outraged after learning prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty for their daughter's accused killer. Holly Brantley will have reaction from the family on Heartland News at five.

It pays to buckle up! Laura Wibbenmeyer tells about a new program in Missouri that has 40 spotters from 225 participating high schools looking for teens who buckle up on Friday. If they are spotted they could win a $25 gift card!

We will have team coverage of the flooding of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. Crystal Britt is in New Madrid and talks with the Army Corps of Engineers about potential flooding and planning. Also, Arnold Wyrick is in Metropolis and speaks with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency about flooding concerns.

Carly O'Keefe has been in Sesser, Ill. today. The Rend Lake Conservancy District is threatening to refuse water service to the city of Sesser if a $115,000 bill is not paid. Carly will have local reaction on Heartland News at six.

Mom always said to eat your veggies, but in health news, some people could be allergic to fruits and vegetables! We will have more on Heartland News at five.

Bob Reeves says the rain is gone and we will have clearing skies with some sun tomorrow! Bob will have the full StormTeam forecast tonight on Heartland News.

In sports, state playoff titles are on the line in the Heartland and we have the matchups and previews tonight withTodd Richards. He is following the St. Vincent and Meadow Heights matchup along with the Sikeston Bulldogs and Farmington Knightettes heading to the state championships. Todd will also have Missouri Big 12 action!

Have a great evening!

James Long
Web Producer