The pain at the pump continues for drivers

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

MARION, IL (KFVS) -The price of gas has jumped twenty cents since the first of the Month. And now the price is starting to affect peoples lives.

"Everyday we go to the pump it's five, ten and fifteen cents more, this is ridiculous,"said Celeste Locke of Energy.

Currently gas is hovering at more than $3.50 a gallon across Southern Illinois. And legislators say as long as the civil unrest continues in the Middle East, Americans will be paying the price at the pump.

"We are very dependent on oil from the Middle East," said U.S. Congressman Jerry Costello (D)-Illinois.

"And that is one of the reasons I have stressed that we need to use our natural resources here in the United States."

It's estimated that the country imports a billion dollars a day in oil. And until we do make changes to our way of life, we will continue to watch our dollars flow off shore.

"It's getting difficult to put gas in a car, some days you have to determine whether or not you're going to eat or put gas in your car," said Locke.

"And it's something we have to have to get around."

"I'm one of the people that is going to  be retiring soon. I hate to see the price of gas going up right as I'm getting ready to go onto a fixed income," said Mike Graeff of Carterville.

"I guess I'll have to do what I have to do, it might be taking on a second job."

Americans is the largest consumer of oil in the world. And our life style is heavily dependent on fossil fuels.

"We're only four percent of the world population. But we consume twenty-five percent of the world's goods, including the oil," said Congressman Costello.

The price at the pump is projected to go up in the weeks ahead, as the price of a barrel of oil continues to rise.

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