The Neat Sheet



The Neat Sheet
By: Amy Jacquin

Summer may be waning, but we still have a few weeks left to hit the beach! Before you go, you may want to throw a Neat Sheet in the car. It claims to

repel sand and water, along with pet hair.
You can find
the Neat Sheet
at most department stores for about $7. It's biggest selling points are that it's big, yet compact. It claims to let a family of four sit comfortably.

The Neat Sheet is very light-weight, and resembles a disposable cleaning cloth. However, it has two layers and weights sewn into the hem to help it stay put. It claims to help protect car seats from dog hair, so that's the first claim we test. Xena is a beautiful mixed breed, and eagerly hops into the back seat of photographer John Morgan's truck. She hangs out, eagerly looking out windows, and leaving hair behind.

As she moves about, the sheet is light enough that it slides around quite a bit. But a little extra tucking can solve that problem. After Xena hops out, Amy Jacquin removes the Neat Sheet and shakes it out... Most of the dog hair falls off. Next, Amy tries the Neat Sheet on the sandy beach at Boutin Lake at Trail of Tears State Park. She walks through water and sand, and tracks it right onto the sheet.

She also tosses handfulls of water on the sheet. Most of the water beads up, but a small amount soaks in. She shakes the sheet, and most of the sand and water falls off. Amy says she likes how none of it soaked through to the bottom layer, so you can ball it up and put it in your car without getting sand and grit everywhere. Makers also claim the Neat Sheet stays cooler than other covers. But Amy notices the sheet absorbs as much heat as any other cover.

Overall, it's not a bad investment. Just keep in mind, after longer exposure to water it's bound to absorb through both layers. The $7 Neat Sheet finishes with a solid B.