Senate OKs crackdown on bath salts drugs

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - The Kentucky Senate has voted to criminalize a new synthetic drug marketed as "bath salts."

Officials say the powders can cause dangerous reactions that belie their non-threatening name.

The measure that cleared the Senate on Friday would ban the sale or possession of bath salts. The dangerous chemicals are sold under such brand names as "Ivory Wave" or "Purple Wave."

The bill heads back to the House to consider Senate changes.

The substance can cause delusional behavior, confusion, paranoia and violent behavior.

The drug's dangers were underscored by the case of a woman who was recently found wandering in the median of an interstate highway in western Kentucky after allegedly snorting bath salts.

The woman is facing charges including child endangerment after her injured 2-year-old was found lying on the inside edge of the interstate.

The legislation is House Bill 121.

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