Calls about phone scams coming into McCracken Co. Sheriff's Dept.

McCRAKEN COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - The McCracken County Sheriff's Department have been flooded with calls from residents about potential phone scams.

Residents say they received phone calls stating they were winners of the Publishers Clearing House, but they had to send money first prior to claiming their prize, according to Sheriff Jon Hayden.

Others scam artist told residents that they were going to have their electricity turned off if they didn't send money, said Hayden.

Some tricksters were stating that they were police and/or FBI agents, according to police.

Hayden said the vast majority of these scams originate out of the U.S. which makes it very difficult to trace and or prosecute the callers.

Police are warning area residents not to fall victim to any such telephone call, mail, or email that they may receive.

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