Read what others have to say about Genesis / Genesis Phase II

Esther B. (81 years old)

I love Genesis/Genesis Phase II.

The caregivers are really good. I can do some things, but the caregivers do a lot that I can't. They cook and clean for me. They help me when I can't get around on my own.

Nurse Christine takes good care of me, too. She checks me over real good. She takes my blood pressure, heart rate and sets my medicines up for me.

My Genesis Phase II attendant takes me places. They take me to my doctor's appointments. People in the office are really nice, too. They answer questions for me or help me when I need it. I believe it I didn't get the help I might be in a nursing home. I want to stay in my home.

Joseph M. (74 years old)

I'm thankful for Genesis. The caregiver, Martha, helps me out a lot. She cooks for me. I'm diabetic and take shots. I have prostate problems and can't get around. I feel better when she's here. I know she will help me when I need it. I can't read and only write my name. The caregiver reads my mail to me. The nurse, Suzette, is the nicest nurse. She really knows what she's doing.

I'm just thankful to have Genesis Home Care.

Amy G. (26 years old)

Without the services of Genesis Home Care, I would be in a nursing home. I had hurt my back really bad. I've had major surgeries and I'm not bearing a lot of weight. The caregiver, Tequilla, takes very good care of me. She's able to help me when I need to get up. She does the errands, cleans my house, cooks, and helps me with bathing. Tequilla does the things I can't do at this time.

I don't have to worry at all. My nurse, Christine, goes above and beyond. She sits and talks to me and answers any questions. My husband is grateful, too. I feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.