Cape Girardeau native escapes Libya violence

Keith Diebold
Keith Diebold

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - In Libya, battles rage on between rebel forces and fighters loyal to Muammar Qaddafi.

While that continues, thousands of people have left Libya since the Democracy demonstrations there turned violent, including Cape Girardeau native, Keith Diebold.

He was working for an oil company in Libya when the protests started about two weeks ago.

Diebold says he could feel tensions rising in the African Nation, especially at night.

"You could see it escalating on a daily basis but especially in the evenings you could hear the gunshots," said Keith Diebold.  "Everything seemed calm during the day. But at night you knew it was going to get worse and worse."

Evacuees have been leaving Libya by any means necessary, almost since the protests began.

Diebold says he tried to escape by air and land before making it out by Ferry to Malta.

He described the scene on the Ferry.

"Everybody had a story why they were on the Ferry and pretty much the same story that all of our evacuation plans had failed and that we were glad the U.S. embassy had a boat there," said Keith Diebold. "It was our safe haven."

Diebold says when they reached Malta, evacuees found lots of food and members of the media waiting for them.

Diebold told Heartland News he expects the revolt to continue because emerging technology has given the people of Libya a view of the outside world.

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